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Viral Traffic & Conversions
In 3 Simple Steps

Hey this is Simon Harries along with Mike McKay and Kevin Byrne.

We’ve each been successfully marketing online for years and been fortunate enough to help thousands of others achieve their dreams.

Lately we’ve noticed online marketing has become harder. The basics of doing business still come down to just 2 things: traffic and conversions.

But despite the size of the internet, it’s tougher than ever to find quality traffic that converts. Why? People are now blasted with SO MANY ads & offers that they’re simply ignoring them. So what’s the fix? Remembering what motivated people to take action BEFORE the internet. Because even before the web existed … people STILL bought stuff!

Buyer Motivation Explained By A 5 Year Old

Meet my son Dylan. 5 years old and he’s taught me more about marketing than all the coaches and trainings I’ve invested in over the years.

How? As a kid, he represents the ultimate in human psychology when it comes to getting something he wants!

Heck, he’s tricked me a few times and I’ve learned some lessons along the way.

People Want Something MORE When They’re Told “No”

Tell someone they can’t have something, and they’ll want it even more. Even be willing to negotiate to get it.

Let’s say your child or loved one wants something when you’re out shopping. But it’s not on your list … so you say “no”.

What happens? Kid is going to PLEAD with you even more after you say no. What’s the best response?

Negotiate.Tell the kid that to get what he or she wants, he’s got to do something in return. Clean the room. Do the dishes. Walk the dog. Whatever … but that “whatever” has got to benefit YOU in order for “them” to get the prize.

The Easiest Win-Win
In Marketing

Child gets what he or she wants. You get something in return. Everybody wins.
That’s not just human psychology in action … it’s marketing in its purest form.
Here are just SOME companies that use “incentive-based” marketing to build their business:

Each of these brands experience EXSPLOSIVE growth within their business due to incentive based marketing techniques.

Traffic: NOT As Easy As They Say It Is

There’s a lot of guessing involved. Where are your best prospects hanging out? You can consider Facebook, InstaGram, YouTube, Pinterest or dozens of other social networks … then take your best shot.

For fastest results, paid ads are the way to go. Just be willing to pay whatever the networks feel like charging you.

The EXPENSIVE Traffic Gamble:
Guess, Pay, Hope?

Hardly sounds like a business plan, but that’s exactly what most online marketers count on to get traffic. Which likely explains results like these:

An Uncommonly SIMPLE
Traffic Solution

Again, look at what happened BEFORE the internet. The absolute BEST, most reliable source of traffic comes from word-of-mouth advertising.

Works in any niche, any market. When people tell their friends about your offers, you win.

92% Of People Agree -
Sharing Is Caring

From movies & restaurants to toys & cars, referral marketing is hands down THE best way to drive traffic.

Once we motivate prospects to refer OUR offers, they literally build our lists and generate sales FOR US.

There’s just one more magic trick to buyer psychology:

Playing The CONTROL Game
To Win

Every prospect wants to be in control. To have options. You’re offering something of value, and want something in return.

To get more of what you want, you need to give people CHOICES of how to get what they want. Proven psychology. Faced with just one choice, most prospects won’t act.

Faced with multiple choices? More will choose to take positive action.

Classic Marketing Fails

To master traffic & conversions … while getting OTHERS to build our business ...
We need to look at the tools available to do the job.

First up, the standard squeeze page:

Next, traditional content lockers. Commonly used form of incentive marketing to generate sales:

Traffic & Conversion Tools:


Is a common traffic strategy. But unless you’re an expert or can afford to hire one, good luck getting consistent top rankings. And it’s almost impossible to stay ahead of the search engine updates & competition.

“Free” social media and video traffic

Get a lot of attention. While these methods can work, they involve either a LOT of time, a full time social media manager, multiple paid tools and/or an outsourcing budget.

Pop-ups, layovers and scarcity timers

Each can be effective, but to use them you need to add even more tools to your collection.


Has the potential to both drive traffic AND improve conversions. But only if you’re able to encourage viewers to watch your entire message.

That’s A Whole Lot Of Software
VERY Questionable Results

We’ve used ALL of the above tools in our businesses. But lately the results just haven’t been there.

Bottom line? In today’s world of fierce competition and an
online audience that ignores most marketing tactics, you need:

  • A massive ad budget just to stay competitive
  • Multiple paid tools to both drive traffic & conversions
  • A minimum of 8 hours per day or the cash to outsource

Money In 2017

It comes down to doing things the way they were done BEFORE all the online confusion. By going right back to human psychology and “buying triggers” that apply to prospects everywhere:

Win-win deals are the best deals around. Consumers get what they want, marketers get what they want. When the deal works for everyone, what we get is a truly viral effect … thanks to the power of the internet.

Buyer Psychology
Goes High Tech

Down but not out, we looked at what was working and what wasn’t. Crunched the numbers on thousands of campaigns and dozens of strategies.

The solution we were after needed to be SIMPLE. One that combined proven “action triggers” with 100% marketing automation.

Our goal was to develop a SINGLE software to solve the challenge of traffic and conversions for marketers everywhere.

After being told it was impossible, we created the answer to putting cash, traffic AND conversions all under one roof …

And here are just some of the results:

All Generated Using the Viral Pay Soft Feature
Over The Holidays

With this tech, you can achieve similar results within HOURS of setting up your first campaign.

Ever since we’ve put this into action, we’ve tripled our results. While slashing our expenses and effort - because OTHER people are driving leads & profits FOR us.

Don’t Want To Pay For Ads?Or Limit Yourself
To One Platform?

You no longer have to. Forget inflated ad costs and picking and choosing from multiple networks. Just promote ONCE, then let your prospects spread the word FOR you..


The Viral Traffic & Conversion Machine

We wanted to see just how far word-of-mouth advertising could go. Took the best ideas from existing tools, made them even better …
and developed a brand new technology that takes online marketing to new levels.

We had HIGH DEMANDS for the software, so had to be sure it could do the following:

  • Allow anyone, regardless of experience, to set up viral traffic & lead generation campaigns in minutes
  • Eliminate COMPLETELY the need for paid advertising
  • Leverage the massive growth of social media to drive profits for online marketers in ANY niche

That’s Exactly What We’ve Created
And Here’s What People Have To Say

Viral Payment Software is the ULTIMATE tool for driving viral traffic and leads WHILE collecting cash payments, all inside one dashboard.

During this launch special, we’re offering this groundbreaking software for a low, single payment … but once the launch ends, access will become a monthly subscription.

Yes, I Want
Viral Traffic And Higher Conversions Now!

Today you’ll get in at the ground level for Viral Paysoft
Yes, we want to invite you in on the absolute ground level. Becoming a valued founding member in the process. So today only, we’re waiving ALL monthly subscriptions and yearly plans…
Ofcourse, you are totally free to accept or refuse this invite… However, do note that when this charter launch is over, we remove the lifetime option, and it will never be made available again.

VPS - Basic

VPS Premium

VPS - Standard

Any Market, Any Niche
Built In “Buyer Triggers”
Put Money In Your Pocket

VIRAL Traffic

Share a unique link with
prospects to unlock the power
of viral word-of-mouth
advertising to offers
of your choice.

On Tap

Leverage powerful exit and
time-delayed pop-ups PLUS
countdown timers to convert more traffic into leads and sales.

Dynamic Lead

See how easy
it is to get prospects to build
your list FOR you.

Buying Triggers
Go Hi-Tech

World’s 1st cloud-based content locking system FORCES people to act before they get your incentive - zero access to your content until they take action.


Offer ANY incentive
to ANY user
on ANY platform.
The only limit to building
your business is
your imagination.

Conversion Activators

Give multiple
options to prospects
to maximize your
leads, sales and referral traffic.

Pay Or Play:
World’s 1st EVER
Content Locking

One thing missing from most tools is the number of options users have to unlock your content. Usually, people either have to subscribe or refer your link to get what they want.

But more options mean more conversions, so we took a lesson from the online newspapers that have created a BRILLIANT solution:

Give prospects the option to simply PAY to get your incentive! Charge any amount you like from pennies to dollars … and put VERIFIED buyers on your list with this feature.

Some people prefer to pay than play, so now you can convert even MORE traffic. More options for your users puts MORE money in your pocket!

Even More
Powerful Features Included

Direct PayPal

just enter your PayPal details
and ALL payments go directly to your account

and Forget

create a campaign ONCE and
it runs until you turn it off.
Any changes you make in the
software are AUTOMATICALLY updated on your offer pages

Full Tracking &

scale winning campaigns
effortlessly with on-demand
stats showing leads and hits per offer

Wait To Unlock WITH

require prospects to wait for
their incentive, then show
them a video or pitch to drive
even more sales

All Platform

from squeeze pages to
sales/funnel pages and even
eCom stores, the software
works with any page builder
or platform

Any Autoresponder
or Webinar Service

collect CONFIRMED optins
you can export and upload to
any service you’re using

100% Mobile Responsive

leverage the fastest growing section of online traffic with
offers that render perfectly on any device, any time

Built-In Video Versatility

add ANY hosted video to ANY campaign to customize your message, pitch products and skyrocket your lead generation

Kickstart Viral Traffic &
Conversion Campaigns
In Minutes


and enter a website you want to run campaigns on.

Unlimited domains supported!

Create & Customize

Choose from 1 of 4 unlock options or ANY combination.

Customize calls to action, instructions and content text.

Quickly Setup
ANY Number of Goal-Specific Campaigns

Viral Traffic

Use the referral unlock option to have visitors share your link across their networks.

Open floodgates of no-cost traffic with sharing options built RIGHT into the page.

Build Your List

Add CONFIRMED emails to the dashboard you can upload to any autoresponder or platform.

Direct share buttons entice users to build your list VIRALLY for you!

Say goodbye to outdated squeeze pages and build your list the SMART way.

The Perfect Pitch Campaign

Use a countdown timer before your incentive unlocks - and pitch your product or service while they wait!

Cash Campaigns

Simply require users to pay any amount you specify to receive your content or incentive - direct PayPal integration gets you paid on the spot.

Multi-Choice Campaigns

Give users THEIR choice of any combination of methods to unlock your content.

Appeal to a wider range of prospects by giving them options to take positive action.

Kitchen Sink Campaigns

When conversions matter more than anything, include up to 4 unlock options in a SINGLE campaign.

Set ANY campaign to appear instantly, or choose from timed and exit pop-ups to further increase conversions.

Step-by-step video training included right inside the dashboard.

Just Pick A Niche
To See How Viral Payment Software Delivers


Offer discounts or coupon incentives to both existing
customers and 1-time site visitors. Effortlessly generate
high quality REFERRAL-based traffic to your stores.

List Builders

Say goodbye to fake email addresses and build a list of
qualified leads with CONFIRMED contact info. Built-in
tech ensures you only add confirmed leads to your list.
Build a separate list of VERIFIED buyers from the traffic
that pays to unlock your content.

Membership Site Owners

Enticing basic members to upgrade has never
been easier. Simply include icons of your
site’s PREMIUM levels on the dash, then set
a campaign locker with a payment option to
upgrade. Effortless upsells and backend sales
with zero extra work on your part!

Product Launchers

Create a viral buzz about your next release by offering a special incentive, getting even more people excited about your launch.

Local Businesses

Get viral traffic to your next special event by offering incentives on your social media pages.

Digital Product Owners

Easily drive more traffic to your products with
the power of incentive-based marketing. Sit back and watch
as prospects HURRY to drive you traffic to unlock a
discount code.

Webinar Hosts

See the TRUE power of this software by filling the
rooms of any online event you host. Just offer a
giveaway that visitors can get once they refer a certain
# of leads. Leverage the video feature for even greater conversions.

Affiliate Marketers

Build a MASSIVE list of engaged buyers by sharing
valuable info on review sites, then requiring prospects
to refer your site to get their freebie.

Consultants / Freelancers

Drive traffic & conversions on demand for your clients
and set your own price … using the built-in technology
of Viral Payment Software.

All For One And One For All

Why use 4 tools when 1 will do? Why reinvent the wheel? Instead, just easily scale what you ALREADY know works.

Viral Payment Software does it all FOR you, on 100% autopilot. And thanks to the power of the internet, this software sets you up for VIRAL results on a scale never before possible.

This automated incentive marketing software gets your offers shared across MULTIPLE networks in real time. Unlimited options mean your visitors can spread YOUR offer virally across any number of social platforms … and even EMAIL it to their own list of contacts.

Within minutes of launching a campaign, you can have an army of people building your business for you.

Your Choice MULTIPLE Tools Or A SINGLE Solution

You could POTENTIALLY put together a collection of tools to get you a FRACTION of the results this single software delivers.

If you’ve got the budget to pay for them, and the hours each day it’ll take to make them work.

OR … you could choose this ONE tool. To drive viral traffic,massively increase conversions AND collect cash payments … all within one central dashboard.

We like simple solutions. They allow us to focus on growing our businesses, not working for them. If you think the same way, the answer is pretty obvious:

We’re ALSO including step-by-step video training on EXACTLY
how to use the software to put more profits into your pocket … from DAY ONE.

There’s Only ONE Catch

This Is An Extremely Limited Launch
And When It’s Done The Price Goes THROUGH The Roof

You can join us today, get complete access and ALL future updates for a low one-time fee… or miss out and pay the monthly subscription we’ll be charging once the timer hits zero:

Yes, I Want
Viral Traffic And Higher Conversions Now!

Today you’ll get in at the ground level for Viral Paysoft
Yes, we want to invite you in on the absolute ground level. Becoming a valued founding member in the process. So today only, we’re waiving ALL monthly subscriptions and yearly plans…
Ofcourse, you are totally free to accept or refuse this invite… However, do note that when this charter launch is over, we remove the lifetime option, and it will never be made available again.

VPS - Basic

VPS Premium

VPS - Standard

Now, we don’t think you should need any extra motivation to pick up a SINGLE software guaranteed to drive more traffic & higher conversions …

But, this is so important to your business that we want to give YOU every incentive possible.

So are including the following exclusive launch bonuses when you act today:

Exclusive Bonus #1

Lead Magnets To Build Your List

Get our personal collection of top converting lead magnets you can simply upload to your pages to build your list on autopilot.

Exclusive Bonus #2

FB Ads Done Right

You won’t need to pay for ads with this software, but a “kickstart” to your campaigns will drive huge results. See how we spend just $5/day to generate viral traffic to our offers.

Exclusive Bonus #3

5 TOP Converting Templates

We’ve hand-selected the five TOP converting campaign templates (out of hundreds) that have driven the best results for us. Just copy & paste, customize with your offers, and upload for maximum profit.

How Do I Know
Viral Payment Software Will Work For Me?

You’ve seen the proof and testimonials, but we’re only concerned with YOUR results. So we’re going to guarantee them.

The Viral Payment Software 100% Unconditional
Money Back Guarantee

Try out the software for 14 days, completely risk free. See how simple it is to set up “viral loop” traffic campaigns, while increasing conversions and putting payments directly into your PayPal.

Add qualified subscribers to your list, sell more products and generate more free traffic … or your money back. It’s that simple.

In the unlikely event you find Viral Payment Software doesn’t deliver EVERY result we’ve promised on this page, just get in touch.

You can then decide if you’d like us to work with you personally to achieve your goals, or to get a refund.

We’ve seen the results and so have our beta testers. So are willing to put our money where our mouths are. You’ve got nothing to risk when you take action today.

It’s Decision Time

Do you want more viral traffic WITHOUT paying for ads? Increased conversions? A bigger list? And cash payments straight into your PayPal account?

Then This
ONE Software
Is Your Answer

Hit The Button Below Before Time Runs Out

Remember, this is a limited launch. The proof is already in, but as more people jump on board, there’ll be even MORE success stories.

So once this exclusive launch closes, the price WILL switch to a monthly subscription for the EXACT same software you can access NOW for a low one-time fee.

Yes, I Want
Viral Traffic And Higher Conversions Now!

Today you’ll get in at the ground level for Viral Paysoft
Yes, we want to invite you in on the absolute ground level. Becoming a valued founding member in the process. So today only, we’re waiving ALL monthly subscriptions and yearly plans…
Ofcourse, you are totally free to accept or refuse this invite… However, do note, when this charter launch is over, we remove the lifetime option, and it will never be made available again.

VPS - Basic

VPS Premium

VPS - Standard

Thanks for visiting.

We wish you the very best of success
with your online marketing goals …
and would be honored to
help you achieve them.


Not to rush you, but time is extremely limited on this offer. You can grab it now for a low one-time fee and be covered by our no-questions-asked guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose!


This software combines the best of PROVEN buyer psychology with modern tech to get you the traffic and conversion results you deserve. Without it, you could remain stuck piecing together MULTIPLE paid tools just to try and achieve the results this will hand deliver you once you’re on board. You know what to do.

Answers To
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Software Drive Me Traffic?

Simple - by providing your audience with an incentive to REFER
your offer to friends and contacts. This referral-based traffic is proven to convert at a MUCH higher level than any other formof advertising … meaning more leads and profits in your pocket.

How Does This SoftwareDrive Me Profits?

In multiple ways. First, by generating viral traffic. Second, by building your list. And third, by giving prospects the option to PAY YOU directly for content. With direct PayPal integration, all payments received go straight to your account.

Does This Really WorkIn Any Niche?

Yes, and that’s the beauty of this technology. It’s based on human psychology, so wherever there’s a market of buyers, this flat-out works. By triggering the motivations of consumers in any market to give you what YOU want to get what THEY want.

Are Updates Included?

Absolutely. As a charter member, you’ll receive automatic software updates. We use this tool ourselves so keep it up to date with any network changes.

What If I Use A Mac?

This is a cloud-based solution, so there’s nothing to install and it works on ANY platform. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

What If I Need Support?

Full training videos are provided within the dashboard for your access anytime. We also have a dedicated support team on-hand to answer any of your questions or solve any challenges you could possibly have with the software.