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Plug & Play YOUR Way To FAST Profits . . .
With TESTED, Done-For-You VPS Themes

  • Proven, ‘DFY’ themes save YOU tons of time
  • Pre-tested - plug & play profit makers
  • Discover what’s working create your own killer campaigns!

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VPS Theme Pack Accelerator - Mointhly

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VPS Theme Pack Accelerator

The VPS team here again. There’s one thing MUCH more valuable than the huge subscriber base you can quickly build with VPS . . .
Or even the massive initial boost in sales you’ll experience from the software.
The rarest of all commodities is time. Once it’s gone, you can never get it back.

Which means every single minute it takes you to set up a new campaign and test it…

Is a minute you’re missing out on profits.

Instantly Improve YOUR ‘Batting Average’

In the game of baseball, a player who hits safely 3 times out of 10 has a respectable batting average.

In the game of business hitting .300 isn’t acceptable.

You have expenses to meet and perhaps a family to feed. Creating failing campaigns 7 times out of 10 isn’t an option if you want to stay in business for long.
So how can you ensure you create successful campaigns EVERY single time (without wasting ANY time and money on testing?)
You let someone else do the hard work of testing for you . . . and we’re about to give you that very opportunity.

10 FRESH Proven-To-Work Themes Delivered Monthly

Especially if you’re a solopreneur (as so many of us are) it’s critical to shave as much time as possible off setting up your campaigns.

Now you could decide to hire an expensive virtual assistant to help.
However, it’s way too common for VAs to disappear into the night.

So you’ll still be faced with creating and testing new campaigns on your own.
Instead, why not save yourself a lot of hard work and spare yourself the hassle of a VA?

Our team will deliver up 10 red-hot themes we’ve personally tested so you can save time and money.

Each theme is a PROVEN-to-convert winner.

Simply ‘plug and play’ the themes as you see fit. No testing or complicated setup required. Set the themes up in minutes. Sit back and watch as your servers are flooded with a HUGE firehose of FREE traffic almost instantly.

No testing or hassles required.

A Taste Of The ‘D-F-Y’ Themes You’ll Receive

We do all the hard work for you.

Every single one of these themes has been thoroughly tested for maximum conversions. Only those themes making the cut will be included in your monthly theme packs.
Grow your email list overnight with these themes. Watch your PayPal account blow up with sales driven via VPS viral traffic.

Here are some samples of the beautiful themes you’ll receive monthly:
[Samples of Themes here. List the types and show graphics beside each one.]
Now that we’ve given you a glimpse of what you’ll be receiving each and every month... we have to ask...
what price would you pay to know in advance your campaigns WILL convert?

Perfect Campaigns Without Doing ANY Testing...

Even if you’re an experienced marketer, and already have a very good idea of how to create a profit pulling campaign... they’re still very time-consuming to setup and test.

Not to mention, you have to fork out cash to test if you’ve hit the right notes with your offer.
And if you’re not an experienced marketer, you could easily spend hours, or even entire days trying to figure out which elements to include in your VPS campaigns.

So these profit pulling Done-For-You themes give marketers of all levels of experience a clear time and money saving advantage...As well as levels the playing field for less experienced marketers.
Both experienced and inexperienced marketers will be able to get server-melting campaigns up and running in minutes.

And even better yet...

You’ll Never Be Short Of Ideas
To Create Unique Campaigns

There’s a reason why marketing experts tell you to ‘steal like an artist.’ What they mean by this is to study top campaigns - then adapt them to your own niches and customer base. And that’s why getting these proven-to-convert themes gives you a big ‘leg up’ over your competition . . . even over other buyers of VPS who elect to pass on this incredible opportunity.

You can see what’s working now then create your own killer campaigns using similar elements.

The good news is, when we reveal the low price for these TESTED themes your jaw will drop. First though, we want to reassure you that your purchase of these themes today is backed by a full money-back guarantee.

YOUR Personal Satisfaction Guarantee

Take 14 days to examine these high-quality, proven to convert themes. Set them up, and test them out. Enjoy how simple it is to drive viral traffic AT WILL.

Remember, we’ve tested each-and-every one of these themes in advance.
Only proven converters make the cut and get added to your theme packs. And if you need any help at all setting up your themes, help is as close by as emailing our support desk.

You’ll be thrilled at how much time and effort you’ll save creating traffic-churning campaigns.

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied,
simply let us know. We’ll cheerfully refund your entire investment within 14 days of purchase.

You have our word on it.
The Viral Payment System Team

This Is An EASY Decision...

Would you dig a hole with a shovel if an excavator was standing by? Knowing the machine could get the job done in minutes - without ANY back-breaking labor on your part?

Most of us would jump on the chance to avoid hard manual labor. It would only make sense if there was a tool at hand to save us time and effort!

Well these themes are standing by waiting to ‘dig up’ gold in terms of MASSIVE sales and subscribers for you.
You always get it right . . . because we’ve done all the work of testing and optimizing for you.

The results?
You’ll spend far LESS on paid traffic ... and have all kinds of ideas you can copy over to your campaigns at your fingertips...

All for the equivalent of only 37 cents per day!

But you MUST hurry - these DFY themes will ONLY be available
to our customers at this rock-bottom price during launch week!
Prices WILL rise steeply after launch so grab these now to lock in your savings.

Put these PROVEN to convert themes to work for you today - and watch waves of eager-to-buy traffic flood your websites!
Click the button below to reserve your theme packs for only $67 semi-annually. (cancellable anytime before renewal without any further obligation.)

Monthly Price

VPS Theme Pack Accelerator - Mointhly

Yearly Price

VPS Theme Pack Accelerator

To YOUR success,
The VPS Team

Answers To
Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean when you say these themes are ‘plug & play’?

You can use these themes as is, and feel reassured they’ve already been tested to convert. They’ll save you a ton of time and money over setting up campaigns from scratch, because you won’t need to test them first.

How will I get access to the new themes every month?

They be waiting for you inside your VPS dashboard.

Do I need these theme packs to make VPS work for me?

No, you have everything you need to get viral traffic with your purchase of VPS. However, these themes let you get your campaigns set up quickly so you can make more money and get more subscribers.

So what happens if I don’t like these themes?

If they don’t meet your expectations, simply let us know within 14 days of purchase. We’ll issue a prompt and full refund of your investment.

So to be clear, I’ll be charged another $67 in six months from now? What if I wish to cancel before then?

Yes. The themes are sold in a semi-annual subscription. (You’ll receive 10 new themes each month) So if we don’t hear from you before your license renews in six months from now, you will be charged an additional $67. However, if you let us know that you don’t wish to continue with your subscription before your renewal date, we’ll cancel it for you without further obligation.

What if I decide after the 14-day guarantee period that I don’t wish to keep the themes?

You’re free to cancel before your renewal date, any time up to 180 days after your initial purchase. You won’t face additional charges. However, we do not issue full or prorated refunds after 14 days past your original purchase.

No thank you , I don’t need amazing looking and converting templates every month, even if it Works out less that $7 a template a month…