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Desperate Business Owners Looking For FREE Traffic”
Become A Successful Software Seller Overnight With This Complete VPS ‘Biz in a Box’ System

If you asked any business owner with an online presence what they want more of . . . you can almost bet their answer is . . .“Free Traffic!”
So then. . .
Imagine how easy it would be to sell software if you could answer the prayers of business owners who want free traffic . . .
And at the same time, you could reassure prospects they wouldn’t need to worry about Google slaps in using your software?
Well you don’t have to imagine any longer - you can become a software seller now with VPS Agency Rights!

YOU: Selling Traffic Software
Business Owners Need NOW

You’ve already seen the server-melting traffic VSP delivers.

And know about the many ways you can get incredible FREE traffic fast with the included features.
Such as . . .

  • Micro Payment capability (perfect for greasing the way to bigger payment commitments down the road)
  • Referral Unlock (for viral traffic campaigns)
  • ‘Wait To Unlock’ (to boost engagement and reduce bounce rates)
  • Exit Popups (to get that last chance to convert visitors)
  • And more . . .

And here’s why VPS’s advanced features can mean a significant boost in YOUR income (apart from using it in your own campaigns.)

We’re offering up Agency Rights so you can resell VPS

Now is your opportunity to join the lucrative world of selling software - without the risk or expense involved in developing it from scratch.

The Opportunity For Evergreen Income Awaits YOU

The chance to become a reseller of VPS isn’t just a ‘once-and done’ opportunity.
Not only can you sell the software to your customers . . . there’s also a big opportunity to help them set it up in return for a nice fee.
Once your clients see the HUGE spike in traffic they’ll receive from adding VPS to their sites, they’ll want MORE.
As in they’ll be eager for you to set up ADDITIONAL campaigns for them in the future . . . which opens the door to monthly maintenance retainers for you.

VPS is so simple to use, you could easily hand this task off to a VA.

Spend your time getting new business - and watch your income climb higher every month!

What Could YOU Do With Recurring Income?

Getting the opportunity to sell VPS to your customers and provide them with monthly maintenance services could be life-changing for you.

Just a few of these monthly retainer agreements could:

  • Easily make your car payment
  • Pay off your debts faster
  • Provide sports or music lessons for your children
  • Allow you to take your spouse on that long awaited vacation
  • Make your monthly mortgage payment
  • Let you to tuck away a tidy sum in monthly savings
  • Reinvest your earnings back into your business

The possibilities for making good use of your monthly retainers are almost endless.

And if you don’t currently have a client base, don’t let that stop you from investing in VPS Agency Rights.

Because today we’re offering MUCH more than just the rights to sell the software to clients.

You’re getting the COMPLETE enchilada with your Agency Rights. . .
a done-for-you business you can start earning from TODAY.

All The Tools You Need To Market VPS
To Hungry Prospects

Not only will you get the rights to sell the software, we’re giving you all the tools you need to market the software to eager business owners.

We’re including

  • Sales Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Follow Up Emails

We’re also including ALL the training you need to start selling this amazing software right away. In fact, getting a new customer TODAY is not out of the question when we show you how simple it can be

We’ll personally walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know - even if you’re a complete novice at selling software.
It goes without saying that your purchase of VPS Agency Rights is fully-backed by our guarantee.

Our Full Money-Back Guarantee

Purchase your VPS Agency Rights package today with full confidence because it’s backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.
Not only will you receive the rights to resell the software . . .
You’ll also receive expert sales training and all the marketing materials you need to make the most out of your investment in Agency Rights today.

However, if you’re dissatisfied in ANY way with your
VPS Agency Rights package…
Just let us know within 14-days of purchase,
and we’ll cheerfully refund your investment.

No questions asked.

The Viral Payment System Team

Don’t MIss Out On This Incredible ‘Biz-in-a-Box’ Opportunity

It’s not often that an opportunity to become a software seller without a big upfront investment in time, cash and development comes along. And if you do develop your own software, it can take months of testing before it’s ready to take to market.

Skip the wait. Start selling VPS today.

Bundle VPS with an installation service and you could more than recoup your Agency License investment with a single sale.
And at the same time, pitch a monthly maintenance package for recurring income.
Remember, we’re giving you ALL the tools and materials you need to get started . . . and providing you with FULL sales training.

This offer WON’T be available for long.
In fact, we’re not sure it will ever be offered again.

So act now.

Pick up VPS Agency Rights while they’re still around . . . because this launch is closing very soon.
And when it does, you will never see another opportunity like this to become a software seller - without the stress and HUGE cash outlay!

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To YOUR success,
The VPS Team

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VPS ReSell Rights

Answers To
Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never sold software before. Can I be successful at selling VPS?

For sure! We’ve included all kinds of marketing materials, such as squeeze and sales pages and follow up emails to make selling VPS a ‘smooth-as-silk’ process. And we’re also giving you complete training on how to sell this amazing software to business owners desperate for more traffic.

What if I try being a reseller of VPS and can’t make any sales?

If you’re having trouble, please contact our support desk and we’ll be pleased to assist you in any way we can. In the unlikely event you’re still not making sales, just let us know within 14 days of purchase and we’ll gladly send you a full refund.

Do I get any training included with my purchase?

Of course! We provide full training on how to get started selling VPS.

So I could make recurring income as a seller of VPS?

Yes! It’s simple. Offer your purchasers a maintenance contract to set up new campaigns for them. It’s an easy service (one a VA could do for you) for creating a recurring monthly income.

Are there any restrictions on selling VPS?

There are a few, but they are small. You cannot offer your customers resale rights to the software, or sell it for less than we’re selling it for. We’ll provide you with full details in your members area.

No thank you I don’t want to be able to sell VPS and make a huge increase into my bottom line profit this year.